Principles of Cattle Production, 3rd Edition

Completely updated and revised, the new edition of Principles of Cattle Production continues to provide an introductory level text for all interested in dairy and beef cattle production systems. This edition presents a vision for a cattle industry that addresses issues about impacts on the environment, the welfare of cattle and the provision of safe and high quality food for an increasingly demanding world population.

The new edition:

– Is expanded to include more on animal welfare, sustainability and production systems in low and middle income countries, including smallholder production systems.
– Has undergone a thorough review of all the existing chapters, with new content on the future role of cattle.
– Contains quality colour illustrations, so that key information can be found at a glance.
– Is beautifully written with many examples and pointers for further information.
– Tackles key issues of sustainability and the requirement for increased production.
– Now contains helpful exercises and other resources for students and their teachers to consider the role of cattle in the world today and in the future.

Principles of Cattle Production 3rd Edition continues to provide a comprehensive yet concise overview for all undergraduate students of animal science, agriculture, veterinary medicine, animal welfare and industry personnel.

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